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Symposia 2015 Results

Living above Earth's Lamentation.

The American Folk Spirit.

The Flight into Egypt

Matthew 2:13-15

Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream saying, "Arise, take the young Child and His Mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him."

Adam Elsheimer - Die Flucht nach Ägypten 1609

It is my belief that the angel of Joseph, who guided him to take his family into Egypt is now become an archangel and further this "young" archangel is seeking to assert his place as the true Folk Spirit of America.
I have no proofs to offer for this assertion, nor am I willing to assert it.   It is of the nature of Spiritual Science that such an intuition is a momentary perception.  Such a development, of a Being from the angelic sphere to the archangelic sphere is not a momentary happening, but a process that spans eons of Time and in its last epochal phase begins to manifest in world history.

It is as Elsheimer portrayed it, full of darkness and lit momentarily here and there by the other intuitions, inspirations and imaginations which illuminate partial aspects of it.

These Times, epochally, and also in the particular under Uriel and Mikael 2015 also illuminate it, for we are witnessing a mass flight from the Politics of Herod to  new Spiritual Egypt...Europa.  Before our very eyes, thousands are engaged in Die Flucht nach Agypten.

They flee the Ahrimanic double of America which is already incarnate in Herodian politics, the results of which leave the trail of blood, destruction and massacre through the middle east and Afghanistan.  This "young" Folk Spirit is in battle with both the Ahrimanic and the Luciferic doubles of America at the level of the Folk Spirits.  Asuras represent, as a geo-astral category of Evil, the ghost continent of Anglo-America, the double of Atlantis which Ahriman, Lucifer  and Asura hope to populate with souls they win from Christ and in the future materialise and harden the Earth into what Rudolf Steiner has already described.

The doubles at the archangelic level seek the ability to inspire human beings, an ability that is denied the Archai and thus Mikael himself.  To battle Mikael they must conquer the Folk Spirits, the Archangelic realm and thus gain entry to the soul of the human being.  Here human beings either fight for or abandon their Folk Soul.

Because America is a cosmopolis, and a very young cosmopolis, it is both universal and yet entirely individual.  To come about it has needed a Folk Spirit with the "same qualities."  But such qualities only came to Earth with Christ, so no Folk Spirit existed for America.  Here Mikael entered.  Mikael had already served as Folk Spirit in the Intellectual Soul Epoch and earlier and was progressing to the rank of Archai, or Time Spirit, for the birth of the Consciousness Soul epoch.  It is my intuition that Mikael overshadowed the Angel of Joseph, for in Mikael lived the Cosmic Intelligence and the wisdom of the Genealogy of Jesus Christ.  This wisdom, this Sophia, bore the foreknowledge of "not I, but Christos in me" a new Universal open to all human beings regardless of race or religion...open to the cosmopolis of humanity in other words.  Cosmopolis is also Freedom for humanity, it is characteristic of Mikael's influence in the world according to Spiritual Science and we have from Rudolf Steiner that Jesus Christ began his mission in Cana of Galilee for just this reason..it was cosmopolitan.  Cosmopolitan America has been for the world a modern Cana in Galilee, the place where water becomes wine, where freedom is guaranteed.   But now it is fast becoming a Judean desert, under the Politics of Herod void of humanity at home and abroad, killing its own and killing others.  All this is an expression of the battle being fought in the archangelic realm for the soul of man.

For these reasons I believe what I believe.  One needs no clairvoyance to see in the massacres of children and young people in America the inspiration of Evil...Herodian Evil.   Thus I call on all christian esotericists whether members of Ordo Eirene or not, to give consideration to the Flight into Egypt.

Above are the results of the Women Only Symposium held under Uriel 2015.  The Men's Symposium held under Gabriel 2015 failed to produce anything spiritually since all the men failed the tests of their 33Degree; however despite this failure there was some pragmatic product which had to be rescued by putting it through the Women Only Symposium under Uriel.  

Gabriel in the Southern Hemisphere passed the failure of the Men's Symposium through the centre of the earth to Uriel in the Northern hemisphere where the gaze of Uriel (see RS on the 4 Seasons and the Archangels)  could examine the failure as it was held aloft by the Women's Symposium.  The blessing accorded the Women's Symposium was the further insights into The Flight into Egypt.  The fruits are now passed on under Michael as the content of the 33Degree (see Down the Well, at Tibby Fowlers Bothy).  These fruits are now made public to all men in the hope that there are men capable of passing the tests.  These 33Degree tests are also active in the Anthroposophical Society which from 1925 onward has repeatedly and with steadfast surety produced the same failure.  

The Mens Symposium within Ordo Eirene is now in abeyance.  The seeds borne in the fruits of the Women's Symposuim where the tests of the 33Degree were passed by all the women present will sprout under Raphael.    Egoismus in the Men's Symposium led it to chaos.

 Pete Seeger, Community Sing, somewhere in America

Ordo Eirene, All Hallows Eve Tides 2015

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