Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ordo Eirene Membership Fee

The fee for membership of Ordo Eirene is one Manichean dollar

The Manichean dollar is the coming global currency. Its actuality is still very far off, but it is coming out of the constellation Gemini and Mercury and Venus are guiding it.

The Gemini aspect of the Manichean dollar is that it is the twin of the black, filthy dollar currently shedding blood in the Middle East, and causing suffering, poverty and hardship in the West and all other compass points.

The Manichean dollar is this occult black-magic earthly dollar matched with an inner spiritual attitude that brings it into the sphere of influence of Manichean redemption. 

Christian Esoteric Anthroposophers come to an experience of Judas through the silver forces of the moon. This leads them to the experience of Pilate and to the Politics of Herod, the current blood lust coming out of the global political sphere.

The economic sphere is currently under the sign of Judas and thus betrayal. The political sphere is under the sign of Herod, thus massacre of innocents, and the cultural sphere is under the sign of Pilate,
the washing of the hands of responsibility.

This experience cannot be avoided. The world economy as outlined by Rudolf Steiner and portrayed in Shepherds' Fire in Tibby Fowler's Bothy is such that we cannot avoid betraying each other, nor avoid all the karmic consequences of this disruption of karma by the forces of unfreedom, the forces of economic slavery.
Such is the world economy that each and everyone of us has all the blood shed in the world on our hands through the manipulation of money by the forces of evil. The blood of Syria is on our hands, the blood of Palestine is on our hands, the blood of Iraq is on our hands. The blood of mothers and children is on our hands.

This is our forced enslavement to evil, for no matter our self perceived moral cleanliness, as soon as we spend money, which we must do to eat, we simultaneously buy weapons of mass destruction and the effects are visible wherever innocents are dying by warfare or starvation. We are beyond political wars and are now in the territory of the demonic voracious economic forces which value human life below one cent.

I say again, since the economic crash of 2008/9 not one of us can avoid killing innocent children in the economic sphere. Our politicians, by failing to control our bankers, have made all citizens of the West complicit in murder in the Middle East and beyond. These are the economic realities and the means whereby we are drafted into the killing fields of Herod...through the money in our pockets.

For the love of money is the root of all evil:

1 Timothy 6:10

The Manichean dollar is the tiniest of the widows' mites on the long road to the redemption of evil.

In the laboratories of Ordo Eirene the Manichean dollar has been developed by the Sons and Daughters of the Widow out of the spiritual forces shining upon the earth from the constellation Gemini and through the Anthroposophic Spiritual Science practiced in the Order.

If you wish to join Ordo Eirene then the joining fee is one Manichean dollar. 

This dollar you already possess. To join Ordo Eirene you must spend it in whatever marketplace you choose in whatever country of the world in which you live.

It bears the countenance of all the world's currencies; to describe it as dollar is to describe it in its most destructively evil modern manifestation. But a UK pound is as evil, so the name is dollar simply because it is universally accepted in the marketplaces of the world. 

Its number is one simply because you are one. You are one "I", and it is out of the spiritual forces of your "I" that the Manichean dollar gains its power to transform the world.

As a Christian Esotericist you will have a very subtle experience. You will be given certain insights by the spiritual world and your soul will respond with gratitude, but this will not satisfy you, it will not be enough. You will notice that the will wants to do something, wants to make this gratitude visible in a deed in the world, wants to demonstrate it.  Further it wants to demonstrate its love of humanity by sharing its insight with others; the soul wants to distribute, to become Mercury, to heal in the world, to give away the spiritual gold that has been given it, but it cannot because the insight is too young in the soul. This is the moment in the soul when the Manichean dollar is born.  It is out of this experience in the soul that the Manichean dollar assists the soul in its desire to heal our world. Although the soul cannot yet distribute its spiritual gold insights, since they must mature,  it can, in token of the gift the Spiritual world has given it, put a Manichean dollar into the world economy by buying something...that is to say spending.  Thus we change the nature of the exchange of values that is buying and selling. (see Rudolf Steiner, World Economy lectures for the explication of this exchange of values in economic science)

To make the soul's gratitude to the Spiritual world manifest as a spiritual scientific Christian deed means to divest it of the "I " and invest it with the "not I but Christ in me". 

This impersonalises it, and money is the most impersonal creation on earth.   Money, in its true nature, is a token which represents a symbol.  Its symbolic nature is of a human interchange that does not require us to enter into a karmic relationship with each other.  Thus it is a symbol of universal providence and freedom.  That is why those who possess money are much freer in the world than those who do not.  They are freer to affect the life conditions of others and to make social relationships more or less just, more or less equal, more or less moral, more or less worth living. This is the control over the scales of justice that the rich have, not by virtue of their spiritual capacities but by virtue of their possession of money alone.  But those who have this freedom have it at the expense of those who do not. 
When money is loved for its own sake then it becomes the vehicle for the evil manipulation of karma: the karma of individuals, of nations and of the earth.  The rich deny their love of money, the poor simply die for lack of a dollar to buy bread.

It is against this evil that Ordo Eirene sets its face in empirical, practical terms. 

By spending Manichean dollars now, Ordo Eirene works for the coming world currency of the true Lord of Karma and attempts to assist this to work in the world in a healing way.

Thank you for taking the time to read the membership fee literature of Ordo Eirene and welcome to all those of you who choose to join.

If you wish to inform the Order of your membership this can be done at Tibby Fowler's Bothy or you can choose to remain an entirely esoteric member.