Sunday, 25 September 2016

Symposia 2016

The Symposium of 2016 held under Raphael and comprising a mixed attendance of the 33 degree produced the following result under the passage tides from Uriel to Michael.

The Land o the Leal.....the land of trust and trustworthiness, that is the Spiritual World. 

To cross the threshold before death, to develop initiate consciousness in other words, means one has Trust, one is Trusted by the Spiritual World, for RS has told us that to be a Spiritual Scientist means not to see into the Spiritual World, but to be seen by the Spiritual World. 

When this trust is there, then one is trusted with and given Insight, what RS called Intuition. To be given insights is Grace.   Everyone has insights, intuitions....but not many have the insight into their own insights or intuitions...that is the path of Anthroposophia through Philosophia and Gnosisophia...The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, in other words.

 Grace does not test the human being, it is an act of Love.  The Guardian of the Threshold tests the reception of Grace in the human soul...in other words the Guardian asks certain questions of the soul every night, when the astral body and Ich leave the body. 

This is the Initiation Drama. 

Every night the soul faces the Guardian and if the soul has not worked enough on the grace given it then it is thrust back from the Threshold.
This in turn creates what can only be called "astral turbulence", and the soul must further wrestle with itself until full clarity is achieved into its own insights.

This clarification process begins with the Thinking, then the Feeling, then the Will....although one must have the will to clarity in the first place. This route to the threshold through the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity is the safest because it contains the most severe initiation trials. There are other routes within Anthroposophy as given by RS, but these are the Platonic routes...the one through The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity is the sole Aristotelian route.

In Anthroposophy, natural Platonists must convert to Aristotle, and natural Aristotelians must convert to Plato. This develops the necessary mobility and flexibility in the thinking to break down the resistance of the Ahrimanised intellect, so that trust in thinking itself develops. 

The intellect can be imagined like a steel net which captures birds, the thoughts, in midflight, as hunters do when trapping birds from a flock. This picture is originally given in Theaetetus by Plato, but since his day, when the new born intellect was more flexible the picture is an aviary.   The intellect has since become hardened to steel, and RS gives this picture of the thoughts as birds again in Man and Animal in Pedagogy.

Nowadays the steel intellect kills the birds on impact, so one can say all our thoughts are dead unless we take it upon ourselves to use the "steel" in another way, for we cannot go back. The task of our era was to develop the steel intellect....then to wrest control of it from Ahriman and deliver it to Michael, with whose help we can turn the steel net into a lyre strung with steel. This is the way to making even Ahriman harmonise with Michael's cosmic melody.

Here you will be given a route into the comprehension of this aspect of Initiation Science and the Spiritual World via the Scottish Folk soul.

In Fraternis, Sororis


  1. RS told us that all birds are like flying thoughts - so contemplating a bird is lige observing a thought - the thoughts are developed out of silences. The musical sound of the birds is the first communications of manifested thought as the first words of man was expressions of the elements of firer, air, water and earth, which compensated for the loneliness of man after Paradise Lost.

    1. This is correct. Observing birds in flight is the strengthening of logic, the gymnastic of thinking. The highest form of thinking is Intuition as defined by RS. Here we enter the realm of the migratory birds...we can observe only one aspect...their arrival or their departure. And the Parsifal bird, the goose, leads us. How do the geese know when it is time to go? The starry cosmos tells them.

    2. and now man can mimic the complex flight of flocks of birds with self directed machines, even in 3 dimensions. Can 4 be far behind?

  2. Mimicry will always be far from the cry of the wild goose. The perception of Wisdom of Nature inspires aspiration towards a Wisdom of Man. Both together then make possible a Wisdom of true Creation in accordance with the Past, the Circle will be closed, the flight of the Wild Geese fulfilled.

    "And while I waned into nothingness I felt in my nostrils the salt smell of the sea, and, listening, I heard the honk of the wild geese wedging southward. "

    "Meanwhile the Soul walked swiftly to the outskirts of the little town, and out by the grassy links where clusters of white geese huddled in sleep, and across the windy common where a tethered ass stood, with drooping head, his long, twitching ears now motionless. In the moonlight, the shadow of the weary animal stretched to fantastic lengths,and at one point, when the startled Soul looked at it, he beheld the shadow of the Cross."
    ""On a night of a cold silence, when the breath of the equinox sprayed the stars into a continuous dazzle, I heard the honk of the wild geese as they cleft their way wedgewise through the gulfs overhead.

    "In the twinkling of an eye I was beyond the last shadow of the last wing.

    "Before me lay a land solemn with auroral light. For a thousand years, that were as a moment, I wandered therein. Then, far before me, I saw an immense semi-circle of divine figures, tall, wonderful, clothed with moonfire, each with uplifted head, as a forest before a wind. To the right they held the East, and to the left the West.

    "'Who are you?' I cried, as I drifted through them like a mist of pale smoke.

    "'We are the Laughing Gods,' they answered."

    Fiona Macleod