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The Seal of Ordo Eirene

The Seal of Ordo Eirene

The Sign of Mikael in Water and Earth, The Sign of John the Eagle, the Sign of Andrew Protokletos
The Swan, The Eagle and The Goose.

The Jewel of Ordo Eirene is Green, Red and Blue

set in silver, gold and copper and fixed and awarded by

The Horae or Hours:

Order, Natural Justice and Peace 

 or Eunomia, Diké, Eirene

Eunomia, Diké, and Eirene, were law-and-order goddesses.   Goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time, who come and go in accordance with the firm law of the periodicities of nature and of life.  Hora means "the correct moment" which in this epoch means the Mikael Moment; the window of opportunity which opens and closes according to the will of the Spirit.
Traditionally, they guarded the gates of Olympus, promoted the fertility of the earth, and rallied the stars and constellations.
This tradition the members of Ordo Eirene uphold.

Recognised Masters

Ordo Eirene recognises 3 Masters of the Rose Cross for their emblematic Empirical productivity

Goethe, Mozart and Burns

The Commanderia

This comprises 4 Philosophers, 3 in the Spiritual World and one on Earth

"I have always considered dismissal to be the normal crowning of my career"

Simone Weil, 1907-1943,  Philosopher of Science and Metaphysician; founder of Simonean Metaphysics.  Spiritual founder of Ordo Eirene.  Author of Gravity and Grace.

"Ignorance is not a sin, we are all born ignorant; wilful ignorance, however, is an abomination."

Elizabeth A. MacKenzie, 1953-2009,  Philosopher of Science, Metaphysician and Esotericist ; founder of The Aesthetics of Economics and co-founder of Ordo Eirene. Author of Aesthetics of Economics in the Light of the Folk Spirits.

"Sooner or later those who neglect logic can expect a serious soul drama.  Crisis will erupt."

Irina Gordienko, 1964-1999, Philosopher of Spiritual Science and Esotericist, Mathematician. Spiritual founder of Ordo Eirene.  Author of Sergei O. Prokofieff. Myth and Reality.

"Were I not a world knower, but world creator,  object and subject (percept and I) would originate in one act."

Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925, Philosopher of Science, Epistemologist, Esotericist and founder of Spiritual Empiricism.   Author of The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity.


from Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן Šimʻôn, meaning "He (God) has heard." 

The Scripto Laboratorium of Ordo Eirene

In order of precedence;

  1. The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity by Rudolf Steiner
  2. Sergei O. Prokofieff, Myth and Reality by Irina Gordienko
  3. Gravity and Grace by Simone Weil
  4. Shepherds Fire, Advanced Esotericism of Aesthetics of Economics by Elizabeth A MacKenzie
These texts are the study for members or interested fellow Esotericists. The conjunction provides an access to the Mercury/Venus healing intention in the constellation of Ordo Eirene's founding.

The Laboratorium Proper

In the Laboratorium Proper takes place the teaching of the praxis of Ordo Eirene.  

The Spiritual Science of the Alchemical processes in the fields of  Initiation Science, Material Science and Social Science is under the tutelage of teachers; the method is by Symposia and the proofs are by demonstration.

There is no admittance to the Laboratorium Proper except by appointment.
Currently there are 3 practising, publishing spiritual scientists recognised by Ordo Eirene active in the Laboratorium Proper and a number of apprentice laboratory technicians.

At the present moment the two teachers active are

The Philosopher's Stone of Edinburgh

Potassium Dichromate  K2Cr2O7

The crystal has been in the School of  Chemistry at Edinburgh University for as long as anyone can remember.  It is unknown who made the crystal.  The teaching of Chemistry at Edinburgh began in 1713.  Great skill was needed to grow the cluster due to its size.  Count St. Germain's first chronicled appearances were in London and Edinburgh.  Legend has it that Count St Germain was imprisoned in Edinburgh as a suspected Jacobite spy during the Jacobite uprising of 1745.

A Mysterious Christological Process.

A research paper into the current drama of the Anthroposophical Society and its manifestation as the Church of Anthroposophy.

Part 1

Michaelmas  Tides

Emerging about the turn of the millennium was a polarisation within the AS which eventually centred on two individuals and two streams within the AS.    This polarisation moved from being political in nature to being religious in nature; a fitting polarisation one might say, within the “Church of Anthroposophy.”

The “Church of Anthroposophy” in Dornach, is an entity, or egregore if one prefers, created out of a Society lacking in honesty, truth and living esoteric content.  Like all churches it’s life blood is belief.  In other words, where knowledge is lacking, belief fills the vacuum.

I have already said elsewhere that my family background was not religious but humanist so I was blessed with having no religious dogma or indoctrination to overcome when coming to my own views in Anthroposophy. In Religious Studies  I consider all dogmas to be ghosts of previous understandings; dogmas are the dead ghosts of what was once living understanding.  
In  Philosophy of Science, in material science, dogmas are the paradigms Thomas Kuhn so brilliantly observed and named, which function much as the credo does in religions. 

In science paradigms are there to be challenged, no matter how strong their strangulating grip on free thought and what counts as experimental evidence.  In religions dogma is there to be unchallenged! 

This paper then concerns the church of Anthroposophy, its fostering  of dogmatism, personality cult and its lack of spiritual science. 

Thus I will be approaching the theme on which the polarisation now hinges, the  mystery of the Resurrection Body,  from a  spiritual scientific rather than a religious point of view. 

To do this I have to start with RS’s Spiritual Empiricism, ie. my own actual experience.   Any other methodological approach is abstract.  

The Spiritual Empiricism of Rudolf Steiner requires that one follow the logic of The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity and the laws of maturation in Esoteric development;

“This “feeling for the ripeness” of forms of knowledge is an essential thing in investigating the spiritual world. In order to have this feeling one must have experienced a perception as it rises at first in the mind. At first one feels it as something non-luminous, as lacking sharpness of contour. One must let it sink again into the depths of the soul to “ripen.” Consciousness has not yet gone far enough to grasp the spiritual content of the perception. The soul in its spiritual depths must remain together with this content, undisturbed by consciousness.

In external natural science one does not assert knowledge until one has completed all necessary experiments and observations, and until the requisite calculations are free from bias. In spiritual science is needed no less methodical conscientiousness and disciplined knowledge. Only one goes by somewhat different roads. One must test one's consciousness in its relationship to the truth that is coming to be known. One must be able to “wait” in patience, endurance, and conscientiousness until the consciousness has undergone this testing. It must have grown to be strong enough in its capacity for ideas in a certain sphere for this capacity for concepts to take over the perception with which it has to deal.   In the Paris cycle of lectures I brought forward a perception which had required a long process of “ripening” in my mind.”
Rudolf Steiner

When I was young, in my early twenties in the 1970’s I came upon Anthroposophy. I devoured as many books of RS as I could. I have to say devoured because when I am very hungry I don’t stand on ceremony.  In Scotland we have a saying for this, it is called “getting tore in”. The verb in question is to tear. 
Alongside getting tore into the work of RS I began the so-called subsidiary exercises and various meditations and a more concentrated and careful study of The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity.  After one seasonal round of the exercises I had the following experience.

One afternoon in summer I lay down in my room to have a rest because I was working very hard.  I fell asleep and promptly woke up in sleep. That is to say, I was aware that I had fallen asleep and had left my physical body...but I had not left my ego consciousness or my awareness of my surroundings because I could see my physical body lying there. I walked to the kitchen, looked around and looked out the window. Now my question was, 

 “in what body have I walked to the kitchen and with what eyes am I seeing the kitchen, the teapot, the sink , the window and the trees beyond?” 

This was no dream because the forms of everything were as static and unchanging as they are in normal waking consciousness and my awareness of them was as acute as it was in normal waking consciousness.   Nor was I sleep-walking in the somnambulistic sense.  I was fully aware both that I had fallen into this experience through the process of falling asleep and that anyone approaching me would have found my body lying asleep on my bed in my room.  Rather was the experience more akin to dying.  I can say this with certainty some thirty or more years later having had the death experience during a massive and fatal heart attack.  This took place in a doctor’s waiting room and so resuscitation devices were to hand.

Thus physical body and world were composed of the same substance. What was this stuff? Well from observation and experience it was condensed Light!  Everything was condensed light. This was not radiating else nothing could be seen, but it was as if the condensing had produced visibility in form but not materiality in density and weight. It is extraordinarily difficult to describe. The trees were living trees and as recognisable as in ordinary waking life, the teapot however was not living in the same way, it was as lifeless as any teapot and yet its substance was also condensed light.

This was my experience.. matter is condensed light.

The body in which I stood was transparent, yet not so; to look at the sink was not to see through it but to see it in a substance that was devoid of weighty opaqueness and density. My body was weightless yet not prone to flight, nor could it have flown in the room or the environment.  So this body and the experience in it were free of Lucifer (flight upwards off the earth) and free from Ahriman, weight and density).
This physicality was exactly the same as ordinary physicality but it held no heavy matter. The body containing the heavy matter still lay in my room. Of course this realisation then posed a problem.  How was I to get back into that body, my earthly weight body.   And here I called on Rudolf Steiner for it was his exercises that had produced the experience. The answer was that I had to think of an appetite of the physical body, like hunger, and feel it, this would bring me back to the physical body that lay on the bed.  Well for someone who gets tore into food whether physical or soul food that was not difficult and this produced the desired effect. I woke up again in my weighty body.

I pondered this experience, and coming from generations of coal miners the nearest I could come to a description of it was that I had fallen asleep in my coal body and wakened in my diamond body.  I had experienced the carbon process. I had enough knowledge of chemistry to recognise the carbon process and to recognise that coal to diamond described the experience most accurately.

Now it may seem strange that I did not immediately go hunting in the works of RS for an explanation but I did not. The experience was the explanation of itself and I was the one who had the experience. I had had the experience because RS had provided the exercises that produced it and had also brought me out of it, but it was my experience to explain.  I asked an experienced anthroposophist and they could give no explanatory help.  I ceased the particular combination of exercises that had resulted in the experience. They had been productive of an extremely powerful experience thus they had worked and I had proved to myself that they work.

A good few years later I came upon the book Nutrition by Rudolf Hauschka and there, in chapter 28 called The Philosopher’s Stone, he described what I recognised as my experience in the language in which the experience spoke..the language of science and the stream of Cain.

“The (carbon process) is so remarkable a process that one gazes on it with the deepest reverence. It can be a symbol of our own cosmic task where the body is concerned. For our bodies too are built out of carbon.....” 
“It seems as though when black opaque carbon turns transparent it is recalling its cosmic light- origin in suns of long forgotten summers.” 
“He who rose from death is the representative of man who points out his earthly task and shows him how to accomplish it. And when it is accomplished, man will again have a body made of light , a physical body comparable to the diamond, but with light’s flexibility, a substance that has been purified to the highest level of which live physical matter is capable."
Rudolf Hauschka

Rudolf Steiner, From Jesus to Christ Lecture vi

 “The alchemists always considered that the human body consists of the same substance that constitutes the perfectly transparent, crystal clear Philosopher’s Stone.” 

What I found in Hauschka described exactly and more eloquently my experience in the language in which it wanted to be understood. Now, all these years later, and following the law of “ripening” in spiritual science I am prepared to try to make the connection between what Rudolf Hauschka says in The Philosopher’s Stone, what Rudolf Steiner says in From Jesus to Christ lecture vi and my own experience.  I am prepared to do this for the sake of Anthroposophia alone and because a church of anthroposophy is anathema to me.  
In other words I am attempting also in this paper to come nearer to what Rudolf Steiner describes as “a mysterious Christological process”, the Resurrection Body and the Phantom.  I am attempting this because the creation of a church of anthroposophy is a betrayal of spiritual science.  For any good to come from the current crisis in the AS we should each be thrown back onto our own understanding of our own esoteric Christianity and not be thrown back onto the understanding of either of the two individuals involved in the polarisation. 

We should be thrown back onto our Pauline Christianity by our Johannine Christianity.

Please do not think that I am here asking you to consider a polarity because I am not.  Nor am I asking you to relate and apportion Pauline Christianity and Johannine Christianity to one or other of the streams involved in the internal polarisation current in the AS, because I am not.  

Nor am I falling out of science into religion for I am giving no religious definitions of  Pauline Christianity and Johannine Christianity, merely pointing to two spiritual streams within Christianity centred on two individuals about whom we have textual evidence.  These two spiritual viewpoints exist in all true christians whether of an anthroposophical bent or not.   
What the crisis invites us to do is, as it were, fall upon our own swords.  This I am doing and it is done out of the spirit of Sorority and Brotherhood.

A Mysterious Christological Process

Part 2
Michaelmas  Tides

Let us allow  Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, the trained scientist, to lead us further into this contemplation of the resurrection body.

“The carbon process is the shape-giving element, both in the bodily and spiritual spheres.” 

“It is carbon that shapes the proteins of our organs, nerves and muscles and blood components” 

“Carbon is responsible for our ability to form mental pictures of the universe that we call concepts.” 

“For carbon is always the element that brings fixed forms into living processes. For this reason it could truly be called earth-substance instead of carbon.” 

It is natural to think of the resurrection body as living, as an etheric body, but here we are not talking of an etheric body. We must remind ourselves of the philosophy of science.  Our philosopher of Science, Rudolf Steiner, pointed out  that we must separate the type of concepts and the way we handle them in the science of material substances and bio-science, the science of living things.  So we are not here in the thinking realm of the etheric when we speak of carbon.  That is what Rudolf Hauschka is leading us to and we must try to remain, for the moment, within the sphere of material science, because, initially, we are speaking about a physical body in the grave, a lifeless body, a body of earth-substance without an etheric.
What was this body of Christ Jesus that was taken down from the cross, tended by the women, wrapped and laid in the grave?

It was a body long prepared in human history was it not? It was a body that in the life it lived in Palestine had first manifested the Nathan Jesus soul and then the mighty individuality of Zarathustra and lastly became the physical body of the Christ Being.   But now if we are to be more exact we must say that it was a physical body long prepared so that its blood could become something special.

The Gospel of John lecture iv, RS

“The purpose of the evolution of the Earth is to be permeated with love.”

“First of all only those who were related to one another by blood loved one another.”

“Blood is a very special fluid. The God of Form, Jehovah, now played a specially important role. He took possession of the newly developed organ, the blood, permeated it with His forces, transformed the aggressive qualities of the courageous soul (sentient soul) into the forces of love and made the blood into the physical vehicle of the Ego.”

So now we must go on to consider the blood. This contemplation brings us, as it were, into the Holy of Holies of the human being and his esoteric christian evolutionary history.  The Mystery of the Blood and the Mystery of the Ego.

However we are not approaching these Mysteries out of the sphere of religion, out of faith and belief.  We are approaching out of science.  But here, if we are to enter this Holy of Holies as representatives of Science, we encounter what Rudolf Hauschka has already told us.

“The carbon process is so remarkable a process that one gazes on it with the deepest awe.”

Even more so must we have eyes of awe and wonder if we are to gaze on the blood processes. That is the open secret of the Spiritual Science of its founding Philosopher, Dr.Rudolf Steiner; eyes capable of awe and wonder which are not overthrown in their seeing.  Eyes whose carbon nerve sight processes go directly to the heart, are washed clean in salt tears, sodium chloride, (see Shepherds Fire) and only then go to the brain and thence to the etheric heart. 

Bearing all of the above in mind let us proceed and again ask Rudolf Hauschka to be our guide. First we are led into the foundry of Tubal-Cain, "he who spices the craft of Cain.” (Rashi)

“Iron is virtually the only metal with a close relationship to carbon, earth-substance.” 

“Iron and Carbon, there are no two substances with a stronger mutual attraction.” 

“When Iron has been heated red-hot to melt it for casting and is very quickly cooled, carbon also separates out, but this time not in the form of graphite (moon, ed.) but of diamonds. (sun, ed.)”  
Rudolf Hauschka.

Course for Young Doctors, lecture iii, RS

“Common coal came into being during earth evolution, graphite during the preceding Moon evolution. Diamond came into being during the Sun evolution.”

Now we have moved from Carbon to Iron and back to Carbon.   With Iron we are also with Mars and it is with Iron we wish to remain. 
We will next attempt to observe Spiritually Scientifically the Iron process in the blood with a view to arriving at the Blood which flowed from the body on the cross and its relation to the resurrection body of Jesus Christ and from thence to the relation of the human ego to its portion of the same resurrection body.  But to arrive there we can now connect some threads given by Rudolf Hauschka and Rudolf Steiner and other fields of scholarship that arise out of our consideration here.

We are, I think, justified spiritually scientifically in drawing near to each other the following facts, concepts and conceptual frameworks;

  • The carbon process is a sun process that begins, not with coal but with diamond on Old Sun
  • The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας (adámas), "proper", "unalterable", "unbreakable", "untamed", from ἀ- (a-), "un-" + δαμάω (damáō), "I overpower", "I tame".
  • Adam , Arabic آدم) in Biblical as well as modern Hebrew is sometimes used as the personal name of an individual and at other times in a generic sense meaning "mankind", in the same way as the earlier Canaanite 'adam.[ According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, its use in Genesis 1 is generic, while in Genesis 2 and Genesis 3 the generic and personal usages are mixed.
  • The usage of the word as personal pre-dates the generic usage. Its root is not the standard Semitic root for "man" which is instead '-(n)-sh but is attested as a personal name in the Assyrian King List in the form Adamu showing that it was a genuine name from the early history of the Near East.[ The generic usage in Genesis meaning "mankind" reflects the view that Adam was the ancestor of all men.
  • In 19th century scholarship, "Adam" (Hebrew: אָדָם ) was linked with the triliteral root  'ADM meaning "red", "fair", "handsome".[5] In the Book of Genesis, Adam occurs as a proper name (in chapters 2–5). As a masculine noun, 'adam [6] means "man", "mankind" usually in a collective context as in humankind,[5] and may also refer to the individual human.[7] The noun 'adam is also the masculine form of the word adamah which means "ground" or "earth". It is related to the words: adom (red), admoni (ruddy), and dam (blood).
  • Diamonds are brought close to the Earth′s surface through deep volcanic eruptions by a magma,
  • Diamonds are of the inner earth both exoterically and esoterically
  • (Shlomo Yitzchaki (Hebrew: רבי שלמה יצחקי‎), or in Latin Salomon Isaacides, and today generally known by the acronym Rashi (Hebrew: רש"י‎, RAbbi SHlomo Itzhaki; February 22, 1040 – July 13, 1105), was a medieval French rabbi and long highly esteemed as a major contribution Ashkenazi Jewry gave to Torah study.

At this point it is highly likely that other connections will arise in contemplative readers, indeed it is to be hoped for, for this is the nature of spiritual scientific collaboration, and you dear reader, insofar as you are a student of  Spiritual Science, and  have the will, are a collaborating colleague.    Further there are those better qualified than me to allow illuminating connections to arise from fields in which I have no expertise.  Please bear in mind that I start from my own experience of working with the exercises of RS and not from an abstract academic or life standpoint in this paper.  I start from Spiritual Empiricism which is also Simonean Metaphysics.  Therefore it is to be hoped that connections may also arise in general readers.
However, it has to be said, that really swift progressive insight and expansion in this realm which can then be communicated in the correct way to others requires academic training....either the academic training of the practising scientist or the academic training of the philosopher of science. That is why we have relied on Dr Rudolf Hauschka and Dr Rudolf Steiner to lead us in the correct introductory way into this consideration.  It is further supported in me by the degree of Master of Arts (Edin.1990 Honours in Philosophy of Science, The Logic of Scientific Discovery) and in my collaborating colleagues by degrees in Physics and Mathematics combined with praxis in applied science in the fields of Pedagogy, Biodynamic Agriculture, Software Engineering and Technology.    There is technical spiritual scientific language involved; as for example the concept of the Phantom, and the Spiritual Scientific nature of the elements and of the carbon nature of the nerve sense system.
Again, however, further revealing insights can arise in anybody who has followed the logic of the paper this far. 

A Mystological Christ Process

Part 3
Michaelmas  Tides

With the preceding content, and falling back on the Pauline nature of the Philosophy of Science of RS we can now approach the First Adam, Red Adam, Mars Adam, Iron Adam.  He in whom the red blood first ran. 

This falling back leads us into our Johannine Christianity and specifically into the esoteric content of the Rose Cross Meditation given as the pre-requisite for understanding in Occult Science in the book of the same name by Dr Rudolf Steiner.  Those who have not practised this meditation at least once will find themselves struggling to follow the further progress of this contemplation.  However in those who have undertaken such training then we are here at the threshold of where Green Adam, etheric Adam, plant Adam, the Green Man becomes Red Man....green sap to red blood.  

7 Red Roses upon the Carbon Cross.

Of the 7, the Red Rose which we wish to follow is Mars Iron.

“Our human egos give our lives their orientation; the iron in our blood serves as mediator, relating the ego to the spatial dynamic of the earth. It provides a basis for our earthy activity and creativity.”  
Hauschka,The Nature of Substance

One can see here that to understand at least a small part of the Mystery of Golgotha, the Incarnation and the Death on the Cross, we must come near in contemplation to the blood of Christ.  However, we are not the Roman Catholic Church!  Nor any church, far less the church of Anthroposophy now abiding in Dornach, Switzerland.  Our only “church” is Nature.  Our contemplation is a spiritual scientific one.

The blood we are contemplating is firstly the blood of the Nathan Jesus, then through the metamorphic working of Zarathustra it becomes the blood of Jesus of Nazareth and only lastly and through a third metamorphic does it become the blood of the living Christ;  at which point it becomes again also the blood of the Rose.   That is to say, it becomes archetypally the blood of the beings of the Ancient Sun incarnation period. 

Those with acute sensitivity will see that the blood of the Zarathustra individuality was in process towards this understanding during the Persian Epoch where legend tells us the rose was first cultivated by man and that this cultivation was taught by the great Zarathustra. 
Thus our contemplation, as spiritual scientists, leads us through the Rose of Iron and the Iron Rose into the Cosmic/Spiritual function of Mars and the Cosmic/Spiritual function of Iron.  The Rose of Iron is the crystalline form of Iron, its “diamond nature”, its chemical/alchemical nature; the Iron Rose is its Rosicrucian esoteric spiritual scientific nature as it manifests in conjunction with carbon. 

Iron is the only substance which makes visible in an archetypal picture the incarnating force during its spiral descent, for a path followed by meteors is indeed a spiral, the result of interacting radial and spherical forces.”
Hauschka, The Nature of Substance

This contemplation brings us to a significant fact.   All the wounds of the cross, apart from the Crown of Thorns, were achieved through Iron.  The Romans used iron nails and iron spears.  So again we are being directed to the secrets of Iron and the secrets of Mars and to the incarnating process as outlined above by Dr Hauschka.  The only blood that did not flow through Iron forces and Mars forces was the blood of the brow, the blood of the Rose, the blood caused by the Crown of Thorns.

This blood flowed through Sun forces, through the forces of Love, through the forces of Christ’s love for Man.  In the very moment of its flowing the earth was actually born as the Earth....it was no longer the Mars/Mercury planetary experience it had been until that point.  The Earth, the home of Man, was born as a new planet in the moment when the Crown of Thorns brought forth a drop of blood.  Mars/Mercury went through an involution through the body of Christ, as Christ went through an evolution; and equally Mars/Mercury went through an evolution to become Earth as the body of Christ went through the involution of  Pain that womankind goes through in the birth process. 

In christian alchemical esotericism the Crown of Thorns is known as the Crown of Sweat (see Shepherds Fire)  and  in Initiation Science it is known as The Path of The Bitter Gall of The Brow.  This is the path of the Ego in the Consciousness Soul, the Iron or Red Path, the Michaelic Iron Path, after the Goethean Science of Colour Theory and Goethean Astronomical methodology.

Thus we arrive at the heart of the Mystic Christological process described by Rudolf Steiner in From Jesus to Christ.

The Gospel of John (Basle): Lecture iv RS

“When the moon separated from the earth the force of love was only contained in it seminally.....
From the beginning of human evolution two forces have always been active; one that draws together and one that separates (Sun and Moon forces).  Under the influence of these two forces man was so far developed that his 3 bodies, together with the bearer of the ego, inclined towards the Spirit Self, Life Spirit and Spirit Man.  But a final union could not have come about without the addition of a new cosmic force.  This force, which exercised a specially strong influence after the separation of the moon, came from another planet which entered into a remarkable relationship with the earth.  This planet was Mars and it made a sort of passage through the body of the earth when the latter began its evolution.  Until then iron had been lacking in the earth, and through its appearance on the earth, the course of earth evolution was changed at one stroke.  It was the planet Mars which brought Iron to the earth and from that time it was possible for man to develop warm blood containing iron....Red warm blood was the result of the activity of the sentient soul on the physical body; then the fertilising Ego could gradually be membered into the human being.” 

A Mystological Christ Process

Part 4
Michaelmas/Advent Tide 

We have now seen how the First Adam is Red Adam or Mars Adam and how he became that.
Just as Mars had to pass through the Earth to bring it iron and the possibility of the ego so too did the Christ Being have to pass through the body and blood of  the First Adam.  He was guided by the first metamorphic of this blood which happened to the body in which dwelt the Nathan Jesus or the Adam Kadmon soul.  This soul, magnetised the iron in the blood both spiritually and spiritually/physically. 

The Zarathustra individuality then forged this magnetisation through all of the earth’s blood history from Adam to the year of the event at the Jordan where he handed this Adamically forged meteoric magnetised blood over to John the Baptist who, on behalf of Adam Kadmon, symbolically washed it clean in the River Jordan and greeted Zarathustra as he departed the body.   Blessing Christ, as he “kissed the blood” of Man to begin his Deed of Love,  John the Baptist also blessed Christ with the kiss of water, the salt tears of the First Adam, which mitigated the kiss of Judas.

Christ had to pass through the physical blood of Adam, not as a matter of divine necessity but as the Deed of Freedom and Love that it was.  
The divine world could no longer contemplate Adam, “the religion of the gods.”  His physical body had become invisible to them by becoming visible on earth after the event of the Mars passage and the warm red blood.  The whole of creation from the warmth of Saturn was recapitulated in the warmth of the blood of Adam.  As Adam fell into the Iron process, the Mars process, he fell to the depths of the then Fire Earth and became Cain, he became “forged in carbon” and all creation followed him.

“Iron and Carbon, there are no two substances with a stronger mutual attraction.” 
“For carbon is always the element that brings fixed forms into living processes. For this reason it could truly be called earth-substance instead of carbon.” 

Adam became clothed in earth-substance, in carbon, in coal-black impenetrability to the light, in opaqueness for the spiritual world, in a carbon body, in coal.  But in him was warmth.  Coal is that substance which releases warmth; it is the basis of all warmth on earth in which the human being can live and create and it is also the basis of all human economic wealth (see Aesthetics of Economics )

Course for Young Doctors, lecture iii, RS

“Common coal came into being during earth evolution, graphite during the preceding Moon evolution. Diamond came into being during the Sun evolution.”

But this physical body, as it hardened through the Moon process of Graphite and then the Coal process of earth had lost the capacity to, as it were, reverse the creative process..it lost its diamond nature.  
This loss of the Sun-natured Physical Body is, I am proposing, what RS called the Phantom.  This Phantom was both a memory and a shadow; it was the memory of living carbon(diamond) that had died by densification  in the process from Sun to Moon to Earth and toward visible Adam; it thus had become “a shadow of itself”, a phantom ; a phrase in English which is exact and descriptive of the spiritual scientific fact.
In other words the formerly living diamond physical body had become the basis for the sense organs and for the forming of concepts in the living Adam and for the structure of blood protein and the corpuscles which would later, with Iron, become the blood organ spoken of by RS which is the basis of ego-consciousness.  But it itself had lost its life force, had sacrificed it in the process of the creation of the First Adam. 

Let us now recapitulate:
We have now an organic conceptual framework for understanding the very complex and difficult notion of the Phantom.  However this framework is solidly spiritual scientific. 
We must now go on to the Resurrection Body ;  but at this point those who have followed this outline with close attention and who have  perceptive capability will already be able to see it, will already be able to see, through disciplined Intuition, this resurrected body.  This again-living, Sun-natured human physical body, forged through the descent into Hell and the encounter with Cosmic Iron and all the Mars forces of the centre of the earth.

This resurrected physical body does not manifest by torturing the as yet unrisen and unredeemed physical body; nor, however, does it manifest as an abstraction, or even a tissue of abstractions put together intellectually from the work of RS, however correct intellectually these may be.  It manifests as an experience, a Pauline experience.  It is empirical and it is an empirical experience.  It is also the first experience of Simonean Metaphysics, redeemed Physics.  That is the portion each has of the resurrection body, whether in this life they become aware of it or not.  Human freedom is such that each can also decline his/her portion.

The gnostics of certain schools could not grasp the physical and material and so declared that such a high Being as the Cosmic Christ, of whom they were very well aware, did not incarnate in a physical body.  Other gnostics, who could grasp the physical, and for them, base and fallen physical world, then had to declare that the body on the cross was not Christ but a Simon, because they could not conceive the magnitude of the sacrifice made by the  Cosmic Christ.  For both these gnostic schools there was no crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ..and consequently no resurrection.

They did not understand the Mystery of The Blood; they did not understand the Mystery of Love.  They did not understand Jesus Christ; they did not understand John the Baptist, the Mercury spirit, nor Paul and Barnabas the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, the future.   Nor did they understand Jesus Christ The Wanderer, who made the earth take its place among the other Wanderers -  Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Moon and who made the earth become The Earth, His home, through His divine Sun Being and who became a man through His divine Love. 

The polarisation within the AS is a polarisation within a stream of reincarnated gnostics who could not, at the time of the Christ Event and after it, understand the Mystery of Golgotha.  One pole of gnosticism of this type develops historically to become spiritual materialism, the other becomes materialist idealism. 

Both are manifestations of Abelism.  In this epoch they cloak themselves in the remains of the Egyptian epoch we are now re-living, that is to say, they clothe themselves in priestly functionalism, hierarchicalism, centralism, monolithic structuralism in the socio-economic spheres resulting in the global economic bankruptcy and Herodian politics.   This blocks the development of 3fold commonwealth.   In the cultural sphere they appear also in priestly functionalism, centralism and quasi-religious revelations in the social structure intended to demonstrate the principle of Initiation Science in action in various fields of science.  Open Esotericism is reverted to obscurantism in this quasi religion with its cult of personality.

The church of anthroposophy currently manifesting  in Dornach, complete with its own two martyrs, is a Goethean object lesson in Spiritual Science.  An object lesson in what happens when Truth and Science part company as a result of lack of love for Truth.  This very lack, a crisis in civilisation and in all science, was pointed out continuously by RS to the anthroposophists...to no avail it would seem. 

Stigmata and continuous fasting are not manifestations of the resurrection body.  They are manifestations of karma.  In the case of the AS they are manifestations of the church of anthroposophy, the entity created by the lack of Spiritual Science and the misrepresentation of Rudolf Steiner as a representative of the Abel stream in his last life.  He was unquestionably a representative of the Cain stream. 

This lack of Spiritual Science and basic anthroposophical research within the whole leadership of the AS from WW2 onward and particularly in the crossing from the 20th to the 21st c is nothing short of catastrophic.   The members of the AS have a duty and responsibility in this, and it is not for me to tell them what it is.  It is my duty to assist Truth, as best I can, for the sake of  the truths of anthroposophy and the Being of Anthroposophia alone.

With this paper I have discharged that duty. 
Spiritual Empiricism cannot form a bed-mate with lack of logic.

E. A. MacKenzie

This paper is dedicated to all those with eyes to see Truth and ears to hear the words “When Venus was the Morning Star.”    It is hoped that others researching this drama will find this paper useful in advancing our understanding and the understanding of the 49,500 sleeping anthroposophists.  The world is again in travail as anthroposophists dream their dreams of holiness.  While Syria burns, Palestine burns, Ukraine burns and Greece burns, the dreams of holy glory in Dornach waft upwards with a scent of incense unlike anything the fruits of the earth can produce.

William Blake (1757-1827), The Horse

Shepherds Fire, Advanced Esotericism of Aesthetics of Economics

Aesthetics of Economics


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